3 Day London Itinerary total saving £130

We recommend planning your visits in advance, or following an itinerary to make sure you get the most out of your time in London. Bursting with top attractions and places to visits including museums, monuments, landmarks and art galleries, we've suggested a 3 day itinerary packed with the best of London for some inspiration:

Day 1

Morning Tower of London

Tower of London Normal entry £26.80

Join in a tour with the Beefeaters and learn about the secrets and scandals of the court. You’ll see it all, from the ravens to the site of the execution block. Top tip: Head down first thing and you can beat some of the crowds.

Mid-Morning Hop on Hop Off Bus Tour

Hop on Hop Off Bus Tour Normal entry £34.00

A hop on hop off bus tour is one of the most iconic things to do in London. Come rain or shine it’s a great way to explore the city, get your bearings and see the sights, from Big Ben, to Trafalgar Square; the Tower of London and Westminster Abbey.

Early Afternoon Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey Normal entry £22.00

This stunning Gothic church is famous for being the coronation church of the royal family for over 900 years, as well as being the burial ground of some of the world’s most renowned writers, poets and physicians, from Chaucer to Darwin. Spend your morning walking along the stone cloisters, among the gardens and old wooden pews; not forgetting to stop in at Scientists Corner to see the tomb of Sir Isaac Newton.

Late Afternoon The View from The Shard

The View from The Shard Normal entry £32.00

Ascend to London's highest and best view at view from The Shard with your London Pass. Enjoy free entry to View from the Shard and enjoy in incredible views of the capital. Ascending to a height of up to 800ft (244m), on a clear day, The View from The Shard offers unparalleled views over London for up to 40 miles and when the sun goes down the views are even more breath-taking!


Total Ticket Price £114.80

Day 2

Morning Thames River Cruise

Thames River Cruise Normal entry £18.75

Catch a stunning sun set over the Thames as you meander down the heart-line of London on a scenic River Cruise. You can hop on and hop off at various points along the Thames, or even stay on it for a round-trip. You’ll pass iconic buildings and monuments from Big Ben, to the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, Tower Bridge and all the way down to Greenwich – which we highly recommend!

Mid-Morning Churchill War Rooms

Churchill War Rooms Normal entry £22.00

Visit the secret headquarters and underground offices of Britain’s wartime Prime Minister, Winston Churchill. A trip into his old bunker will teach you first hand of what life was like during the Second World War; including the secrecy, fear and camaraderie that went on below street level. Learn about Britain’s war efforts and how ‘the greatest Briton’ ran his country during these tough years.

Early Afternoon London Bridge Experience

London Bridge Experience Normal entry £27.95

If you want a scare, the London Bridge Experience is one to do. Voted the scariest attraction in London it’s a great interactive way to learn about London’s grim and gruesome history. Venture beneath the bowels of the bridge and down into the dark tombs for some seriously scary stuff!


Total Ticket Price £68.70

Day 3

Morning London Zoo

London Zoo Normal entry £29.75

If you’re in London with the kids, you must take them to London Zoo – it’s one of the best days out with over 12,000 animals to see and a wide range of enclosures from Tiger Territory, to Butterfly Paradise; Penguin Beach and Meet the Monkeys. Top tip: skip the queues with Fast Track Entry, simply show your London Pass to walk right in!

Mid-Morning Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge Normal entry £9.80

Often mistaken for London Bridge, Tower Bridge has sat astride the River Thames since 1954 and is one of the most popular London attractions and landmarks. A visit to the Tower Bridge will teach you about the old Victorian bascules as well as give you unparalleled views over the river from its new Glass Walkway – something not to be missed!

Early Afternoon HMS Belfast

HMS Belfast Normal entry £16.35

Climb aboard the historic HMS Belfast, one of the last remaining fighter ships of her kind. Go below deck and see what life was like for the navy soldiers who fought with her in the WWII and the Korean Wars and learn about this impressive feat of industrial engineering.

Late Afternoon Shakespeare’s Globe

Shakespeare’s Globe Normal entry £16.00

Visit the reconstructed Elizabethan theatre of one of the greatest playwrights of all time; the Bard. See Shakespeare’s heritage and history at the Shakespeare’s Globe on the south bank of the River Thames and take a behind-the-scenes tour of this iconic open-air theatre.


Total Ticket Price £71.90


Day 4

All Day Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle Normal entry £22.50

Spend all day exploring the historic town of Windsor just outside of London in rural Berkshire. Windsor Castle is the main highlight, dating back to the 11th century. Steeped in royal history, learn about the past kings and queens who lived in this stunning residence from the Norman Invasion to the present day. It’s the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world, and rumoured to be the Queen’s preferred weekend residence – so it’s worth a visit!

See the iconic Changing of the Guards, views over the Long Walk, chapel and State Apartments. After, take a walk around the cobbled streets and picturesque town and indulge in a spot of afternoon tea and souvenir shopping at the independent boutiques.

Don’t forget to show your London Pass at the ticket controllers at Paddington to board the train for free – saving you £14.00 on a return train ticket!


Total Ticket Price £22.50

Day 5

Morning Royal Observatory

Royal Observatory Normal entry £10.00

Are you a star gazer? Learn about the history behind the UK’s largest refracting telescope and how great scientists first mapped the seas and the skies. You can also stand astride two hemispheres, as the Prime Meridian Line runs right through the middle of the site. Perched up on Greenwich Hill you can take in the panoramic views over London, too.

Mid-Morning Cutty Sark

Cutty Sark Normal entry £13.50

The Cutty Sark in Greenwich is the last surviving tea clipper and one of the most popular attractions in Greenwich. Step on board to learn about life on this splendid ship and of those who sailed her. A visit to the Cutty Sark will bring the ship to life and moored on the Thames you can get an unforgettable perspective over the river and even have afternoon tea below deck.

Early Afternoon ArcelorMittal Orbit

ArcelorMittal Orbit Normal entry £12.50

One of London’s newest attractions, the ArcelorMittal Orbit, at the Olympic Park in London’s East End, promises some of the best perspectives across the city from its viewing platform at 80m high. The unconventional structure of the attraction caused the most interest with its looping ‘orbital’ shape – so it’s worth a visit just for the unique photo opportunity! Spend the rest of the evening walking around the Olympic Park to appreciate those moments of glory from the 2012 Games.


Total Ticket Price £36.00

Day 6

Morning Royal Mews

Royal Mews Normal entry £12.00

Make today about discovering the Royal Heritage in London and start at the Royal Mews. These working stables are home to a fine collection of historic coaches and carriages and still supply the Queen with her transport to this day! The stables have been serving the sovereign since 1760, and now open to the public, visitors can see the Glass Coach used by the Royal brides and the impressive Coronation Coach, the Gold State Coach.

Mid-Morning Household Cavalry Museum

Household Cavalry Museum Normal entry £8.00

Buckingham Palace’s Military Museum, the Household Cavalry Museum offers a unique glimpse into the ceremonial duties and role of the royal historic Household Cavalry. Right next to the Royal Mews, within Horse Guards Whitehall, it’s one of the city’s most historic buildings dating back to the 18th century. You can also catch the daily Changing of the Queen’s Life Guard on Horse Guard’s Parade.

Early Afternoon Guard’s Museum

Guard’s Museum Normal entry £7.00

The perfect follow on from the Household Cavalry Museum, the Guard’s Museum delves further into the role of the military in the Royal Family and their Regiments. From stories of battle, to their duties in the present day, as well as the origins of ceremonial duties – it’s a fascinating insight into this aspect of Royal history.

Late Afternoon Queen’s Gallery

Queen’s Gallery Normal entry £13.50

For art lovers interested in the Royal Family, the Queen’s Gallery is a space showcasing a rotation of pieces from the Royal Collection from sculptures, paintings and priceless treasures. Situated at the iconic Buckingham Palace, you can’t beat it for location and means you can tick off another top attraction while you’re there!


Total Ticket Price £40.50

The total ticket cost for our suggested 6 day itinerary is over £354. A 6 day London Pass costs £169 so you’re making a huge saving of nearly £200 as the above attraction tickets are free with the pass.

If you really want to make the most of your trip – whether it’s your first, or third time visiting – the London Pass + Travel package is the ultimate sightseeing combo to help you save even more money, but also to help you get around London with ease. With unlimited travel across all London transport networks, it’s a no brainer!