Unlimited travel in central London with a London Pass + Oyster Travelcard

We've matched the price to that of buying your Oyster Card in London so you can add one to your London Pass order to take care of your travel from the start.

There's no cheaper way of getting around London than with a London Pass + Oyster Travelcard.

Add an Oyster Travelcard to your London Pass order for the most comprehensive sightseeing package.

The Oyster Travelcard covers all your transport needs whilst sightseeing in London

An Oyster Travelcard gives you unlimited access within central London to the world famous Underground network as well as bus services, overground trains and the DLR. It's your electronic transport ticket to navigate around the city easily and efficiently.

What is an Oyster Travelcard and what do I get?

Where can I use the Oyster Travelcard?

The Oyster Travelcard can be used on all London Transport networks, these include;

Understanding the value of an Oyster Travelcard

The London Pass + Oyster Travelcard packages have been designed to save visitors money, as they are the cheapest way of travelling around London, plus they offer flexibility when travelling between sights and attractions in London.

Each Oyster Travelcard comes with a pre-loaded credit/value which should cover all of your travel needs:

London Pass with Oyster Travelcard Credit
1 Day Adult London Pass + Travel £10
2 Day Adult London Pass + Travel £15
3 Day Adult London Pass + Travel £25
6 Day Adult London Pass + Travel £40
10 Day Adult London Pass + Travel £50

A single journey on the London Underground costs £2.90 (zone 1-2) and a bus journey is £1.50 (all zones). But all journey charges with an Oyster Travelcard are 'capped' after a certain amount each day (Zone 1-2 daily cap is £6.40). Any journeys you make after you have exceeded the maximum daily charge are free

Note: Over 66% of the attractions included on The London Pass are in Central London (zones 1-2) so visiting attractions inside zone 2 will only cost you £6.40 per day. The 6 day London Pass + Oyster Travelcard has a £40 value/credit which will cover all you transport needs inside central London. Children (aged 11 - 15 years) with the 1, 2, 3 or 6 Day London Pass + Travel will receive a paper Travelcard covering zones 1 - 6 during off-peak times.

Note: a £5 admin fee is applied by Transport For London to every London Pass + Travel.

Which zones can I travel across? Can I use it from the airport?

Over 40 attractions included free in the London Pass are in Central London (zones 1-2) but the Oyster Travelcard is actually valid to use across all London, zones 1 – 9.

This includes travel to and from Heathrow Airport and London City Airport. So if you have chosen to get your Oyster Travelcard sent out to you before you arrive, you can use it to get into London. Travel to Gatwick, Luton and Stanstead Airports is not included.