London Tourist Map of Attractions

Use this interactive map to see where all the attractions you can visit for free with The London Pass are located.

Planning your itinerary using this London tourist map will help you see how to make the most of your time in each London City neighborhood and get the most sightseeing value using your London Pass.

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The table below lets you select which types of attractions and establishments you want to see on the map.

  Category   Category
Place of interest Places of Interest Place of interest Historic Buildings in London
Place of interest London Tours Place of interest London Art Galleries
Place of interest London Museums Place of interest Shopping in London
Place of interest Leisure Activities Place of interest Dining Experiences in London
Place of interest Tours of London

Use this interactive map of the most popular attractions, museums, tours, and more to plan your sightseeing itinerary. Start by grouping attractions, tours, landmarks, and points of interest you want to see by neighborhood to make the most of your time in the city and get the most value out of your London Pass.

How to use the London tourist map: Un-check any attraction categories that don’t interest you to filter your attraction map. Then, click on each icon on the map above to see the attraction name, a brief description, and a quick link to see more information, including the attraction’s hours of operation and getting in instructions.

Sort by attraction category:

  • Places of Interest: popular experiences, things to do, and landmarks.
  • London City Museums: all cultural institutions that examine various topics.
  • Bicycle Rides: guided bicycling tours and bike rentals (unlike hourly rentals you can find throughout the city, these include locks and helmets, too).
  • NY Sightseeing Cruises: where to go to catch a guided sightseeing cruise.
  • Walking Tours: meeting locations for various guided walking tours.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Tours: meeting locations for tours that offer visitors exclusive access or information not available to the general public.
  • NY City Zoos and Gardens: attractions for anyone interested in animals, plants, or the general study of biodiversity.
  • Special Offers: locations of all establishments, shops, restaurants, and additional attractions that offer exclusive deals for London Pass holders (pass must be valid when you claim your offer).

Tips for navigating the city: London City’s layout is easy to learn quickly. City planners designed the streets of Manhattan on a numbered grid system. Street numbers increase as you travel north and avenue numbers increase as you travel from east to west. In general, 20 street blocks are equivalent to 1 mile. For reference, Fifth Avenue divides Manhattan longitudinally so that all intersecting streets will have “west” and “east” preceding their names depending on which side of Fifth Avenue they’re on.

Other trip planning tools: If you’re looking for a printable tourist map, download all of our FREE trip-planning tools and get a 250 Page Guidebook, the London City Subway Map, a Printable London Tourist Map, and a Hop on Hop-Off Bus Map.

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