London Bridge Experience

Explore the underground tombs of London Bridge and brave the haunting tales of the city’s notorious past at the London Bridge Experience.

The London Pass Access to The London Bridge Experience Normally £28.95 - Included with London Pass

Explore the underground tombs of London Bridge and brave the haunting tales of the city’s notorious past at the London Bridge Experience.

Visit the London Bridge Experience with the London Pass®

- Visit the scariest attraction in London.
- Learn about the rich history of gruesome, gory Britain.
- Enjoy an interactive experience with real-life actors and animation.
- Experience a two-part attraction including The London Bridge Experience and London Tombs.

Pass perks

- London Pass holders can benefit from Skip the Ticket Line access.
- As well as receiving a 20% discount in the gift shop when spending £15.00 or more, London Pass holders also receive a 20% discount in the Creams Cafe, the London Bridge Experience’s American-style ice cream parlour and waffle house.

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London Bridge History

London Bridge has been built and destroyed many times over the centuries. As such it has remained a constant, in some form, as fires engulfed the city, wars raged between Romans and Saxon invaders, rulers were overthrown, and new conquerors took their place. The first London Bridge was a military-style pontoon erected in 53 AD, Roman Londinium, but was soon destroyed in 60 AD. In 100 AD a new bridge was built that spanned the wide Thames between the South Works, Southwark and Londinium. It wasn’t until 1190 that the first stone bridge was built. 

In 1305, William Wallace, a Scottish Knight, was the first traitor to have his dismembered head displayed on the bridge. Countless traitors heads joined Wallace throughout the years, giving London Bridge its’ gruesome reputation. The present bridge was constructed in 1971 next to Rennie Bridge, and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II opened the bridge in 1973. 

Today, the London Bridge Experience offers visitors a unique interactive journey through London’s dark and chilling history. Travel back in time and learn about 2000 years’ worth of history from London Bridge and the surrounding area. Interactive displays and sensory features will take you back in time, covering 2000 years of history on London Bridge and the surrounding area. Immerse yourself in the Great Fire of London tale. View displays depicting Welsh invader, Boudicca’s battle against the Romans. Or listen to the gruesome story of Jack the Ripper. 

Those who dare to can enter the bowels of the Bridge and prepare for the fright of their life. Learn about life in London starting from Roman times to the 19th-century pickpocketing thieves. Discover the darkness of a disused railway tunnel, the traitor’s Gate House and the Chapel of Thomas Beckett.  

In 2007, when the attraction was first constructed, hundreds of bodies were uncovered on site. As a former 16th-century plague pit, The London Tombs prides itself on its unbeatable scare-factor, upholding its dingy legacy. From terrifying tales to real stories, explore the gruesome past of London Bridge with a spine-tingling adventure into the depths of The Tombs. 

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London Bridge Experience highlights

  • Visit the attraction voted, London’s Scariest for 11 years running. 

  • Learn about London’s dark history of war spanning over 2,000 years

  • Delve into the mindset of some of England’s most notorious characters, including Jack the Ripper and William Wallace. Experience medieval life first-hand through Interactive displays, animations and real-life actors. 

  • Once you have fully immersed yourself in London’s history with The London experience, step forward in time with a visit to The Vault, voted the UK’s scariest attraction. Test your nerve in the scare maze, featuring characters such as clowns, doctors, zombies, and more.

  • Younger visitors of 11 and under can benefit from the Guardian Angel show, a ‘fun immersive scare experience with far less bite’.

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London Bridge facts

  • The legend of the disfigured Master Brother’s vengeful murders haunts London with the killings of four men on Tower Bridge.

  • Workers at The London Bridge Experience have reported hearing children’s eerie cries and have witnessed poltergeist activity while on shift.

  • The Great Fire of London (1666) has no official death toll, but the heat of the fire may have cremated many Londoners, leaving their remains unrecognizable.

  • The murders of Jack the Ripper have inspired many studies and analyses on each case, now coined as Ripperology.

  • Many phantom cries can be heard at London Bridge. They are rumoured to be ‘traitors’, whose heads were dipped in tar and stuck on pikes, executed between 1305 and 1660. 

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Don’t miss

The Experience

See hear and smell what it was like throughout the ages with the London Bridge Experience. As professional actors take you through each setting, learn about London’s dark past from Jack the Ripper and The Head Snatcher, Sir John Rennee and William Wallace. This immersive theatrical experience delivers history with an extra side of terror.

The Tombs

Travel into the lower vaults of London Bridge and experience the UK’s scariest attraction, The Vaults. The London Tombs is well known for its sinister past which visitors can witness during the show. This immersive scare maze uses a variety of special effects. Interactive sets and professional actors to deliver the best scare of your life.  

Read more about The Toms on the official attraction website here.

Guardian Angel Tour

For the younger guests, the Guardian Angel tour provides a light-hearted alternative with just enough scare and even more fun. Children under 11 can experience the sights and sounds of the London Tombs, but without the ghoulish ‘characters’ that might pop out to say hello or chase you. The Guardian Angel tour offers the perfect opportunity for children to enjoy the experience to the fullest without being scared.

Please ask a guide at the entrance of The Tombs for the Guardian Angel Tour.

Escape Room

Step into London’s number one escape room, but be prepared, you may find it hard to find your way out. With one hour to decipher puzzles, unravel the mystery and escape, the London Bridge Escape Room offers the perfect outing for groups.

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Know before you go

  • Guardian Angel Tours are available for younger visitors (under 11’s) to protect them from anything too frightening!
  • Please note: Groups over 15 must book in advance.

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Getting in

Present your London Pass® to redeem your general admission ticket.

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Make the most of your London Pass®

  • London Bridge Experience is situated in zone 1 of the London Transport Network so your travel will be included in your package if you opt for The London Pass with Oyster Travelcard.
  •  For more things to do in the London Bridge area, click here to see a list of London Bridge attractions.
  • The London Bridge Experience offers free audio guides available in French, German, Spanish Italian and Spanish. Please ask upon arrival to make the most of your visit.

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How to get there

- London Bridge - jubilee and northern lines.

- London Bridge – National Rail Network.

- 47 343 381 N199 N381 RV1 to Stop R & S.


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Excellent Couldn't have been better. It made for a most enjoyable visit . I would recommend it to anyone, especially first-time visitors.
Kjersti Board from United States

Learn more

Visiting London Bridge Experience

Visiting London Bridge Experience

  • London Bridge Experience 2-4 Tooley Street London SE1 2SY
  • Closest Underground Station London Bridge
  • Closest Bus Stop Stop R & S: Route 47 343 381 N199 N381 RV1
  • Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour Stops Red Route Stop 16

Opening Times

All Year Round:
Monday 10.00 - 17.00
Tuesday 10.00 - 17.00
Wednesday 10.00 - 17.00
Thursday 10.00 - 17.00
Friday 10.00 - 17.00
Saturday 09.30 - 18.00
Sunday 09.30 - 18.00
Last Admission: 17.00 weekday, 18.00 weekend
24th December to 1st January
Monday 11.00 - 16.00
Tuesday 11.00 - 16.00
Wednesday 11.00 - 16.00
Thursday 11.00 - 16.00
Friday 11.00 - 16.00
Saturday 11.00 - 16.00
Sunday 11.00 - 16.00
Last Admission: 16.00

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