Jason’s Original Canal Boat Trip

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Jason’s Original Canal Boat Trip takes you down a picturesque stretch of Regent’s Canal between Little Venice and Camden Lock.

Jason’s Original Canal Boat Trip is the first Regent’s Canal tour, operating since 1951. Jason—the vessel—is an authentic canal boat and over 100 years old. Now fitted with a diesel engine, he takes you past the picturesque and interesting sights of this historic waterway.

Enjoy access to Jason’s Original Canal Boat Trip with The London Pass

- Pay nothing at the door
- Travel along historic Regent’s Canal on a 45-minute journey, one-way between Little Venice and Camden Lock or vice versa.
- Listen to the interesting live commentary from an expert guide on the Little Venice to Camden stretch, or enjoy the sounds and sights of the canal on the commentary-free journey from Camden to Little Venice.
- Take in sights of Regent’s Park, the aviary of London Zoo, Browning Pool at Little Venice, the Maida Hill tunnel and Camden Market.

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Jason’s Original Canal Boat Trip history

The United Kingdom was the first country in the world to develop a nationwide network of canals. Taking off in the 18th century, the creation of canals and development of an interconnected system played a key role in the country’s Industrial Revolution. Transporting raw materials and manufactured items across the country was otherwise completed by long trains of packhorses, which was labour intensive, unpredictable and time-consuming. Canals assisted in creating a period of intense technological development and economic growth by improving communication routes and allowing for better trade across the UK.

By the second half of the 19th century, the development of railways led to the reduced usage of canals and the closures of many. The increase in road haulage during the 20th century confirmed the end of the canal network’s usefulness to the traditional industries. But the nascent canal leisure industry that developed in the middle of the century showed that there was another way of looking at this historic network of waterways. Many canals have been restored and beautified to make them suitable for tourism and narrowboat homes; engineering and history enthusiasts have helped restore many of the most impressive features of the canal system, and conservationists have worked tirelessly to protect canals that provide a habitat for a huge amount of British wildlife.

Regent’s Canal runs across an area to the north of Central London. Opened in 1816, it grew over time to stretch from Little Venice (where it forms a junction with the Paddington Arm of the Grand Union Canal) to the Limehouse Basin where it joins the River Thames. The canal is 8.6 miles (13.8 km) long. As with the majority of UK canals, it was constructed to transport cargo on large canal barges. When commercial traffic ceased during the 20th century, Regent’s Canal began its transformation into a tourist destination, a place for pleasure crafts and narrowboat homes. With cafes by the water’s edge, conservation areas and rich history, the canal stands today as a popular walking, cycling and—of course—narrowboating route.

Operating since way back in 1951, Jason’s Original Canal Boat Trip was the first Regent’s Canal tour. The history of the tour boat—Jason—mirrors that of the canal itself: one a cargo vessel, Jason was kitted out with a diesel engine and converted into a charming passenger-carrying vessel. Today, Jason is the perfect companion for a tour of Regent’s Canal.

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Jason’s Original Canal Boat Trip highlights

  • Take the 45-minute journey from Little Venice to Camden, or the other way round. It’s up to you.
  • See the sights from the comfort of Jason—your craft for the day—a former cargo vessel that worked this stretch of the canal.
  • Learn the history of the canal and this part of London with live commentary from an expert guide between Little Venice and Camden. If you want to travel without commentary, take the Camden to Little Venice journey instead.

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Jason’s Original Canal Boat Trip facts

  • There are over 2,200 miles of navigable waterways across the United Kingdom. Better get rowing!
  • In England and Wales alone, you’ll find over 1,500 locks, 53 tunnels, 3112 bridges, 370 aqueducts and 74 reservoirs.
  • Around 23,000 people still live on the country’s canals. They’re an important part of British society past and present.

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Don't miss

Little Venice

There’s a cute set of lovingly maintained narrowboats dotted along the towpath at Little Venice, and the impressive Browning’s Pool, named after English poet Robert Browning, who many believe was the first to call the area ‘Little Venice’. Interestingly, he died in the actual Venice.

Maida Hill Tunnel

An impressive 249m (272 yard) tunnel, built in 1816. Ironically, no one maida hill here, the hill is all-natural. Instead they maida tunnel.

Regent’s Park

You’ll get superb views of Regent’s Park and the John Nash-designed townhouses that accompany it. London Zoo’s jaunty Snowdon Aviary is another highlight of this stretch.


Come for its world-famous market. Stay for the way it caters to every subculture known to man.

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Know before you go

Jason’s Original Canal Boat Trip usually operates from the end of March to November each year, departing several times a day from both Little Venice and Camden. For the latest timetable, check here

The live commentary is only available on the journey from Little Venice to Camden. From Camden to Little Venice, there is no commentary, so please book your chosen leg accordingly.

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Getting in

A one-way tour with Jason’s Original Canal Boat Trip is included with The London Pass. You can book to go from Little Venice to Camden Lock or vice versa. The London Pass does not include return journeys. Read our 'How to get there' section for more.

Pre-booking of Jason’s Original Canal Boat Trip is strongly advised. You can make a reservation request on the official website

Please allow 24 hours for a response to booking requests. Bookings will not be accepted after 6 pm the day before travel or after 6 pm on Friday for weekend bookings.

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Make the most of your London Pass

Save on the cost of this fantastic trip down one of the country’s most storied waterways. Now that you’ve admired it from the water, why not see London Zoo up close during a visit to this leading animal attraction and conservation organisation? Access to London Zoo is included with The London Pass.

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How to get there

For Little Venice Departure

You’ll find Jason moored in Browning’s Pool, opposite 42 Blomfield Road, beside Westbourne Terrace Road Bridge.


Warwick Avenue - Bakerloo Line (4-minute walk from attraction)


Bus numbers 6, 187 and 414 all stop at Warwick Avenue tube station.

For Camden Departure

Jason leaves from the towpath outside Cafe Chula, 75 West Yard, NW1 8AF.


Camden Town - Northern line (5-minute walk from attraction)


Bus numbers 24, 27, 29, 31, 88, 134, 168, 214, 253 and 274 all stop at Camden Town tube station.

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Visiting Jason’s Original Canal Boat Trip

Visiting Jason’s Original Canal Boat Trip

  • Jason’s Original Canal Boat Trip Little Venice London W9 2PD

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