HMS Belfast

Climb aboard this unique WWII battleship, learn about her military roles and experience live on deck at HMS Belfast

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The HMS Belfast is currently closed, please visit the attraction webpage for more information. 

No other vessel surviving in Britain today has witnessed historic events of the same magnitude as HMS Belfast. 

Every rivet tells a story: the guns chosen to fire the first shots on D‐Day as the Allies battled towards victory in the Second World War. The engine rooms that powered the ship through the Arctic. And the shark‐infested waters of the Tropics and the Flag Deck, nine levels up, where lookouts scanned the horizon for enemy vessels. Today, you can mount its steps to enjoy unrivalled views of central London. Touch and feel history aboard the HMS Belfast. The HMS Belfast tells the stories of those who lived on board the former Royal Navy warship, which was home to a crew of up to 950 men.

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HMS Belfast history

In response to Nazi Germany’s approach to naval combat, big battleships that wielded immense power on the water, the British expanded and updated their own fleet using armoured technology and designing light but mighty craft. Anti-aircraft guns, torpedo tubes and 12 6-inch guns in four turrets were carefully grafted onto lightweight craft. The HMS Belfast was born from this naval revolution, seeing service on August 1939, where she was deployed as a patrol ship on the British coast searching for Nazi U-boats. However, when she hit a magnetic mine, the damage was so extensive that the cruiser was out of action for the next three years while being repaired. 

When she returned to the sea in November 1942, she was pitted against a stealthy battle cruiser, the Scharnhorst, in the Norweigian coastal fjords. This surface raider could hide in the fjords only to suddenly appear and wreak havoc on passing convoys with her 11-inch guns, then just as quickly as she appeared, vanish. However, on December 26, the British fleet, with the HMS Belfast as its flagship, opened fire at 13,000 yards in the dark, taking the Scharnhorst by surprise and causing her to retreat. 

When the Scharnhorst appeared again two hours later, British cruisers opened fire again until the cruiser, again, made moves to retreat. But as British naval intelligence had predicted the Scharnhorst’s return and preemptively positioned another battleship in her path, the Scharnhorst ran straight into it. Despite the Nazi battle cruiser being faster, a lucky shot hit her boiler room, crippling her engines and the craft crumpled under the weight of enemy bullets. 

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HMS Belfast highlights

  • Take the helm of HMS Belfast, the famous Second World War survivor and iconic London landmark.
  • Journey through the rooms of this floating city, climbing up and down ladders to navigate your way around all nine decks.
  • From the guns that fired some of the first shots on D-Day right down to the engine rooms 15ft below sea level, get up close to the inner workings of a warship and hear hundreds of powerful stories from those who worked on board. 


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HMS Belfast facts 

  • The most significant surviving Second World War Royal Navy warship.
  • The HMS Belfast is visited by around 250,000 tourists each year. 
  • The vibration of HMS Belfast’s guns firing during D-Day ended up cracking the crew’s toilets.
  • Discover more facts about the HMS Belfast here.


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Events at HMS Belfast

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Getting in

Present your London Pass at the main entrance.

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Don't forget to visit the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. All are within walking distance of HMS Belfast and access is included with your London Pass. 

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How to get there


  • London Bridge
  • Tower Hill

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Excellent Couldn't have been better. It made for a most enjoyable visit . I would recommend it to anyone, especially first-time visitors.
Kjersti Board from United States

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Visiting HMS Belfast

Visiting HMS Belfast

  • HMS Belfast The Queens Walk London SE1 2JH
  • Closest Underground Station London Bridge
  • Closest Bus Stop Stop J & H: Route 47 343 381 N199 N381 RV1
  • Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour Stops Red Route Stop 16

Opening Times

Monday Currently closed
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Saturday Currently closed
Sunday Currently closed


24-26 December

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