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The London Pass® App

The London Pass® app: a free, interactive guidebook at your fingertips. Access useful information, on-the-go, when exploring the city.

Learn about top London attractions, how to get around, information about the London transport system and more. You can even sync The London Pass® to the app to access exclusive offers. And choose the Mobile London Pass option for your smartphone to access it via the app.

The London Pass® Visitor Guide App

The highly-rated London Pass app is now available for iOS and Android.

Both versions are available for smartphones and tablets. Download the app by visiting the iTunes App Store or Google Play store.

Click on either button to download now.

London Pass IOS App       London Pass Android App

Make the most of your trip and don’t miss a thing. The London Pass® App is a useful, English-language guide to London which has been specially designed for sightseers, and is packed with everything you need to know about this vibrant and exciting city.

Key benefits:


  • Access to Exclusive Pass Holder Offers: Sync The London Pass® card number to the app and get access to exclusive special offers at city restaurants, theatre shows, shops and more.
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  • New Mobile PassDownloadable on The London Pass® App (iOS and Android).
  • Information About Different Areas: Unlock the city with complete lists of The London Pass® attractions in each location.
  • Useful Tourist Information: About the local climate, currency and public holidays.
  • Full Description of All Included The London Pass® Attractions: Including opening times, contact details and directions
  • Ideas for Days Out: Tailor your schedule to your interests.
  • Interactive Google Maps: And static maps for when you’re not connected. 
  • Bus and Tube Maps: To help navigate the city. 

Sync The London Pass® to the app to get exclusive  on-the-go updates and push-notifications on deals and discounts in the area.

Sync The London Pass® to get access to more exclusive offers

Sync The London Pass® card number with the app to get exclusive access to “Pass Holder Offers” to take advantage of various discounts and special offers available to you in the city. The London Pass® has partnered with organisations and businesses to offer exclusive savings on:

  • Theatre tickets
  • Dining experiences
  • Evening activities and tours
  • Shopping 
  • And much more

Never miss out on last-minute tickets or deals for an even better experience from The London Pass®.

How it works:

  1. Go to the “Link Your London Pass” section of the app
  2. Enter your 12-digit London Pass card number found on the front add your card
  3. Go to the “Pass Holder Offers” section of the app and check out the special offers available

Note: if you would like to receive Push Notifications on your iPhone make sure you accept to enable and we can send you details of last minute offers whilst you’re in London.

All you need to do is go to the iTunes or Google Play Store to download it for free.

London Pass IOS App       London Pass Android App

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