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Wimbledon's Buddhapadipa Temple - a beautiful place to visit in London

Published: Wednesday 25th of June 2008

Located close to the heart of Wimbledon Village, the capital's Buddhapadipa Temple is a breathtaking example of Thai Buddhist architecture that is easily accessible for London visitor card holders and should not be missed.

Established in 1982 and developed by an association of young Buddhists, the temple welcomes visitors in both large and small groups - although larger groups should book ahead using the temple's website.

And there is a treat for fans of Buddhist art, who may be holders of a London travel card, as the temple is home to a number of mural paintings depicting the life of Buddha.

"Once the walls of the Ubosot had been modified to make them suitable for mural painting, the work on the Life of the Buddha could begin," said the temple.

"At the start, there were two assistants, but their number was progressively increased later to four, ten and finally to 14. None of them received remuneration."

Thai Buddhism largely follows the teachings of the Theravada sect.

London Pass holders can receive free entry to the equally historic Wellington Arch.

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