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Midnight Movies at the Curzon Soho Cinema

Published: Friday 25th of July 2008

This August, visitors to London can enjoy the Midnight Movies experience at the Curzon Soho Cinema.

Focusing on a different genre each month, on August 29th, movie lovers can take a step back in time to the wonderful time period defined by shoulder pads, mustard blouses and frizzy perms known as the 80s.

"Once a month we bring you the best in cult classics, trash beauties and art house jaw droppers alongside exclusive previews," the established cinema notes.

Flicks fans heading down to the Curzon Soho Cinema from 21:30 BST can visit the bar beforehand to enjoy live music, visual displays and a party atmosphere that could rival that bouffant bloused era.

The next Midnight Movies to be shown at the cinema will be Breakin and Mannequin.

Recently parodied in US cartoon comedy Family Guy, Mannequin, starring Kim Catrall and Andrew Murphy, is a romantic comedy nominated for an Oscar for its soundtrack song "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now".

Visitors to Curzon Soho Cinema can gain entry to the venue using their London Pass.

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