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London a home for UFOs?

Published: Wednesday 18th of March 2009

People say anything can happen in London and recent events seem to suggest so as a builder snapped four UFOs hovering above the capital.

Taken by a builder early one morning, the four objects are positioned over the Houses of Parliament, looking similar to spaceships.

Derek Burden, who was on the 16th floor of a Covent Garden building when he took the photo, comments: "I haven't a clue what the saucers are. I've never really believed in all that.

"But it's a big old place out there and I think the picture speaks for itself."

He said he had not noticed the strange objects until the photos were developed, when wife Sarah pointed out the intruders on the snaps.

The builder believes they could not be a reflection as there were no office lights on at the time.

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It saves visitors money on a number of the city's top attractions.

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