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Have I Got Views For You: The Telectroscope connects London and New York

Published: Wednesday 21st of May 2008

Conventional wisdom has it that London and New York are approximately 3471 miles (5585 km) apart as the crow flies.

Now a new and incredible - some might say unbelievable - device will bring the two great cities closer than anyone could have thought possible.

The Telectroscope, conceived and developed by British artist Paul St George, will allow people people at Fulton Ferry in Brooklyn to enjoy an incredible telescopic view of their counterparts in London. A similar device, situated on the banks of the River Thames by Tower Bridge, will allow Londoners to look right back the equally bemused folks in the Big Apple.

Mr St George told the New York Times he was quite taken "with the idea that if you just had a hole in the ground, and you’re looking down, you’d see up because the person you’d see is on the other side of the world."

Anyone going along to take a peak in the London end of the Telectroscope can also pay a visit to the nearby Tower Bridge Exhibition and enjoy a tour of one of the city's most famous landmarks. London Pass holders can enter the Tower Bridge Exhibition for free.

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