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Go on a musical pilgrimage to London

Published: Tuesday 25th of May 2010

If you have even a passing interest in music, then London is certainly a place you should visit at least once.

The British capital has hosted just about every major artist at some point over the years, so it is closely linked with many of music's most defining moments.

If you are a keen fan of artists such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix, why don't you come to London and see for yourself where they lived, loved and played?

It's a great way to enjoy an affordable break in London, as you don't need to pay any admission fees to see these historic locations.

The names of these streets, houses and venues may have passed into music folklore, but they are easily accessible to every single person in London.

All you need is an all-day pass on London transport and you're away.

Perhaps the most iconic rock 'n' roll location in London is Abbey Road, in St John's Wood, north London.

Plenty of major artists have recorded at Abbey Road Studios, including Pink Floyd, Cliff Richard, Radiohead and U2.

But it will always be most closely associated with The Beatles, who recorded nearly all of their songs here.

They even called the final album they recorded together Abbey Road - and released it with a now iconic image of the Fab Four walking across the nearby zebra crossing.

Tourists still regularly descend on Abbey Road to have their own picture taken on this world famous piece of street furniture.

For any music fan in London, a trip to Abbey Road is simply a must.

Following your trip here, why not visit some of the homes of rock music's biggest stars?

Paul McCartney used to live within walking distance of Abbey Road at Cavendish Avenue, so that should be easy to find.

Meanwhile, other music luminaries were dotted all over the city, with Jimi Hendrix for instance living at 23 Brook Street, Mayfair.

This is just next door to where the legendary composer Handel used to live, and this building has now become a museum that commemorates both of the street's most famous residents.

Hendrix forged a formidable reputation upon his arrival in London and remains an unforgettable figure 40 years after his death.

A visit here will help you evoke memories of those amazing times, in which he released a string of classic records including Purple Haze and Hey Joe.

This is just one of many locations in London that is marked out with a blue plaque, a sign of its historical significance.

One other key building that is honoured in this way is Ridgmount Gardens, the former home of the late reggae legend Bob Marley.

Taking in these locations can be a great way to get to know the people behind the legendary music.

And since some of the most significant names in music are no longer with us, following in their footsteps can be a very touching and moving experience that helps them come alive once more.

Of course, London has many, many iconic buildings and landmarks - and famous musicians have been keen to make the most of them in many ways.

In fact, it is hard to find somewhere that doesn't have some sort of association with a famous record or musician.

For instance, the humble surroundings of Chalk Farm Tube Station served as the setting for the cover of Madness's Absolutely album.

Pink Floyd, meawhile, ensured that Battersea Power Station became an icon to rock fans by using it on the front of their Animals LP.

A trip to London doesn't have to be expensive if you're a music fan.

All you need is a London Travelcard, a map of the city and a good sense of direction.

So get closer to your favourite artists by booking a trip to London and seeing where they spent their most productive and remarkable days.

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