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Visit the historic Jewel Tower in London

Published: Thursday 10th of July 2008

Built in 1365, The Jewel Tower once housed Edward III's treasures is famed for being one of a mere two buildings to survive the 1834 fire at the Palace of Westminster.

And a good thing it is too, as the tower is a top London attraction, featuring a 14th-century ribbed vault and an exhibition about the fascinating and sometimes downright bloody history of British parliament.

Be sure to visit the eleven bronze measures featured in the tower, including ancient measures such as a 1/4 gill, a bushel and three George IV measures for one pint, a quart and a gallon.

Other items of interest include the Palace of Westminster sword which dates back to the early ninth century.

Occasionally, special events take place at the Jewel Tower, such as Aesop's Fables in Capitals, which is taking place from September 7th until September 28th 2008.

At the event, visitors will be able to listen to a selection of Aesops fables that once decorated the ceiling of Westminster Hall.

London Pass holder can receive free entry to Jewel Tower.

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