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Cinemas to follow Curzon's no-popcorn lead

Published: Tuesday 12th of August 2008

Following the trial run of popcorn-free film screenings by Curzon Cinemas, another cinema chain is following suit and banning the snack after complaints from audience members about noise and mess.

The crunchy treat is a firm favourite with cinema goers; however, many people who simply want to go and watch a film in peace have expressed their annoyance at popcorn-munchers.

"If it's a success, and I've no reason to suspect it won't be, we'll roll it out across all our cinemas and make it a permanent fixture," commented Gabriel Swartland, head of media at Picturehouse Cinemas.

Richard Napper, the Curzon Cinemas' marketing director, sounded a word of warning saying that some cinemagoers are requesting popcorn be reinstated.

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