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London attractions 'just got easier to reach'

Published: Wednesday 3rd of March 2010

Those preparing to enjoy a host of London attractions will find these even easier to reach following changes to the Docklands Light Railway (DLR).

The line will now be able to carry more passengers following a 50 per cent increase in its capacity, which could make it even quicker for families to reach the Museum in Docklands.

It has undertaken a £325 million upgrade programme to increase the number of trains it can run, ahead of the Olympics in 2012.

Other changes that could make the experience of travelling to London attractions even more attractive could include the remodelling of the Tower Gateway station, the introduction of the South Quay station and the upgrading of both junctions and tracks.

Among the reasons why someone could be travelling on the DLR are the tours of London being run by experts from the Museum in Docklands, who are showcasing some of the best London attractions.

Posted by Kevin Smith

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