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Electric cars 'to become a reality in London'

Published: Saturday 11th of April 2009

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has unveiled plans to make the city Europe's electric car capital, it has been announced.

He hopes to get 100,000 electric cars on its streets by 2015, with an additional 1,000 Greater London Authority vehicles also proposed.

"I am today committing millions to install the infrastructure needed for when, in just a few years time, these vehicles become much more widely available," Mr Johnson revealed.

He added that simply talking about electric vehicles would not get things done, with action needed to make them available to Londoners.

In addition to this, he hopes all building developments will be equipped with charging points for the vehicles.

For the time being at least, visitors to the city can take advantage of the London Pass with a travel card to get around the city.

For an extra £7 a day they can travel all over the city, visiting its top attractions along the way.

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