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Things to do in London: Take a tour of Chislehurst Caves

Published: Monday 19th of November 2012

There are various wonders in London prime for exploration but few come with such a chilling mystery as the Chislehurst Caves.

In total, the caves measure around 20 miles in length and have wowed visitors for decades with their 8,000-year history which offers, quite literally, a deep insight into the roots of London.

The caves have played a crucial role within the capital's life for centuries, originally being used for flint and lime production, with the mines proving more than useful for Londoners in a variety of guises.

On top of this, they are used as a tourist attraction, with visitors from around the world opting to take a wander around the caves, while they were formerly employed as an ammunitions depot during the First World War.

Indeed, the divisions that used to be seen within Britain in centuries gone are depicted in the caves as you can see where they used to be split up during the Saxon, Druid and Roman eras.

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Posted by Samantha Reed

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