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Enjoy Halloween in the capital

Published: Friday 24th of September 2010

With a whole host of things to do in London, people are never short of an excuse to visit.

However, as the mask of the capital is removed during Halloween, visitors could soon find another.

Fans of the spooky season will know that there is always an array of events taking place in celebration of All Hallows Eve, but it is quite a thing to see some of the most famous London Attractions come alive for this dark festivity.

One event set to take place that is likely to pull in the ghoulish crowd is Alice Cooper's Halloween Night of Fear, being held in The Roundhouse.

On the night of October 31st 2010, horror buffs are set to descend on the venue to see one of the biggest shock rock artists take to the stage.

Joining him will be Jim Rose of the freakshow Jim Rose Circus and The Love Reaction.

Cooper is expected to put on a variety of spooky incidents as he performs some of his most well-known tunes, including School's Out.

His appearance in London comes just one month after the 62-year-old's Theatre of Death was released - a video which is likely to grab the attention of all Cooper's glamour rock fans before the show.

As well as unique performances, some of the best-loved London attractions are anticipated to be transformed during October.

One of these includes London Bridge for the PhoboPhobia exhibition, taking place between October 29th and 31st 2010.

This is an event that children are more likely to enjoy, as they peer into the black tunnels underneath the bridge and face their darkest fears.

Guests can expect to confront claustrophobia and arachnophobia, as well as a variety of insects that are bound to send tingles through their veins.

For those who fear nothing, the show is taking place on the site of a plague burial pit and is the home of many ghostly legends, which should make a visit to experience the chilling atmosphere of the venue worth it.

A place which sends shivers through the spines of adults at anytime of the year is the London Dungeons. And at Halloween, this is where the dungeons truly come into their own.

New shows have been put on for the Halloween season, which are set to "scare your socks off".

The Jack O'Lantern experience is certainly one that kids will not forget in a hurry, as they walk through dark and eerie corridors, horrified by the screams of "tortured souls".

Between October 15th and 31st, children and adults will be clutching their hands as they venture through the underground passages for the "most terrifying 'Helloween' event ever".

Visitors will run from Jack O'Lantern as he makes his way through the mirrored labyrinth with his turnip lantern before resigning themselves to the "flames of hell".

For film fans, the capital has put on the ultimate horror movie exhibition to make even the most cynical critic tingle.

The Passage of Terror London attraction will be open in the Trocadero Centre, in the heart of Piccadilly Circus.

Based on the terrifying movie experience in Spain called Pasaje del Terror, this exhibition features some of the most petrifying and gory scenes from movies.

Throughout the interactive show, guests can see their favourite frightening characters come to life and take part in their own horror film.

Tickets for the experience cost £11.95 and £13.95 and while the passage of Terror has more appeal at Halloween, this terrorizing display is open all year round.

For an opportunity to learn more about the capital and its spooky history, visitors can attend the London Ghost Festival between October 22nd and 31st.

During the event, they can take part in tours of haunted sites and listen to stories about supernatural occurrences taking place in the very streets they will walk on.

Kids and adults can even board the Ghost Bus tour, which allows them to take in the sights of London's burial grounds, execution locations and horrifying haunted buildings.

However, like all good things, these London attractions are not limited to just one day of the year.

Visitors popping over to the capital at any time will be able to soak in the city's excitingly dangerous history and learn more about the ghastly events that lay behind alleyways and under floors.

For example, history enthusiasts will find themselves eager to take part in one of the regular Jack The Ripper tours, which follow the murderer's bloodstained trail as he made each of his infamous kills.

Well-known London attractions such as the Tower of London, with its 1,000-year history of murders, tortures and executions, always provide some spooky offerings to children and adults.

And with ghostly reports of Henry VIII's wife Anne Boleyn, Lady Jane Grey and Thomas Becket, the Tower of London is likely to be the most populous place for ghost-hunters to search out these historical spirits.

With allegedly more ghosts per square mile than any other city in the world, there is no better time to encounter the underworld than during the spookiest festival of them all - Halloween.  

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