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Step back and look at the view in London

Published: Monday 26th of July 2010

As any visitor will soon discover, there are lots of fascinating things to see and do in London.

With that in mind, you will want to find somewhere to take the occasional breather, or step back and savour the experience of being in this remarkable city.

Luckily, there are plenty of excellent places to head to where you can do just this, and take in splendid and awe-inspiring views at the same time.

While London may be a lively 24-hour city that defines the fast pace of modern life, there are still a few quiet spots in the centre that you can escape to.

The Oxo Tower, for instance, contains a free viewing platform that offers a stunning view of many iconic London landmarks.

Located on the South Bank of the Thames, the building lets you enjoy a unique look at the world-famous skyline and a chance to step back and take it all in.

Of course, you do not just have to stand there and look at the scenery during your visit to this location.

The Oxo Tower also contains a bar and restaurant, so you can enjoy a fantastic meal and a selection of drinks while you cast your eye over the capital.

Visitors to this free attraction may also spot the Thames River Boat Cruise ships on the move, where more holidaymakers will be aiming to see the city's architectural wonders in a slightly different way.

Another spot you might like to head to for some peace and quiet is Westminster.

The Houses of Parliament may not be the first place you would think of going to if you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of life in central London.

But there is a small park right next to this legendary building that miraculously seems to cut out the noise of all the traffic.

It could be the incredible view of the Thames, as well as famous landmarks such as St Thomas' Hospital and Westminster Bridge, that makes it appear to have this effect.

People on a break in London can find it easy to lose themselves when gazing at the stunning surroundings.

The park is lined with benches facing the river, so if you want to stop here to read a book, eat your sandwiches or simply admire the view, you can - and stay for as long as you wish.

Another great observation point in London lies at Parliament Hill in Hampstead Heath.

When you walk around here, you will find a selection of superb locations from where you can view nearly all of north central London in a single moment.

Primrose Hill is also nearby and similarly offers stunning views of the London skyline, as well as Regent's Park, the West End and the zoo.

If you are in the south of the city and you want to see a great spectacle, why not head to Richmond Park?

This is the largest urban walled park in the country and boasts incredible views of St Paul's Cathedral.

You can even see the NatWest Tower, the Gherkin and the London Eye at the same time from this vantage point, so any lovers of panoramic vistas might want to head here during their visit.

London is packed with famous and iconic structures that are recognised the world over, and the city gives the impression that it wants to show them off as much as possible.

So taking the time to venture out to these observation points is highly recommended to any visitor.

After all, it could be a great way to choose which attraction in London you would like to explore more closely.

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