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London, Sugar and Slavery

Published: Wednesday 30th of July 2008

An exhibition charting one of the more unsavoury elements of the capitals history can be viewed at Museum in Docklands.

London, Sugar and Slavery is a new gallery at the famous museum, offering a thought-provoking addition to any London sightseeing trip.

The gallery promises to recount "the untold story" of the transatlantic slave trade and how London came to be irrecovably linked to the Caribbean.

Film, music, personal accounts and interactive exhibits will all be at hand to help visitors discover more about how trade caused so much pain yet also helped to create the modern multicultural makeup of London.

"People may find it uncomfortable, but to grasp this is to begin to understand many facets of society today, including attitudes towards race and the melding of British, African and Caribbean cultures," said David Spence, director of Museum in Docklands.

The new gallery will also be housing the temporary exhibition Journey to Accompong until August 31st.

Collect your London city pass and head down to the museums of the capital.

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