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University choir to perform lost Handel anthem

Published: Friday 8th of May 2009

The University of Portsmouth choir is set to play a forgotten piece by George Friedrich Handel.

It is believed that the funeral anthem was originally commissioned by King George II to play during the burial of his wife Queen Caroline.

"Handel's music has extraordinary energy and emotion – he seems to be able to tap into something deep and universal in people," commented University of Portsmouth music lecturer George Burrows.

He added that his music is "so loved and so relevant", with the choir having undergone rehearsals for the last three months in preparation.

The piece is due to be sung tomorrow (May 9th) by a 70-strong choir, which is made up of both students and staff at the university.

Fans of the famous composer can find out more about him by visiting Handel House Museum free of charge with the London Pass.

He is said to have composed many of his famous pieces at the residence, including the Messiah and Fireworks Music.

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