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Spread of culture helps give tourists things to do in London, expert claims

Published: Tuesday 13th of April 2010

The variation of accents and culture across the UK capital is of genuine appeal to people visiting London attractions, it has been claimed.

Residents in London wear these differences as a kind of "badge of pride", according to the editor of Lonely Planet, Tom Hall, speaking on behalf of the Tirol Tourist Board.

He also explained that the stereotypes of a city's inhabitants play a important, if largely unrecognised, role when it comes to attracting tourists, such as encouraging visitors to the Royal Albert Hall or Hampton Court Palace.

Mr Hall said: "If you go to a country like Australia and you drive for not hundreds but thousands of miles, you find that people's accents are largely the same and the cities aren't incredibly different."

"It's interesting that two in five Brits say that they are proud of where they are from and enjoy being described as things like a 'southern softie'."

He was responding to research by the Tirol Tourist Board, which revealed that four in ten Brits are proud of their regional roots, even if this results in a negative stereotype.

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Posted by Michael Edwards

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