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Save on London attractions with visit to Hampton Court Palace

Published: Thursday 18th of March 2010

Visitors to Hampton Court Palace - one of the most historic London attractions - have a couple of weeks left in which to experience a fascinating showcase about Henry VIII.

The exhibition, which is entitled Henry VIII: Heads and Hearts – An Introduction, has been running since April last year but will close its doors at the end of this month.

"Visiting Henry's court is full of pitfalls for the unwary. Make sure you prepare well in advance to make a big impression on the King and his new Queen," the Hampton Court Palace website jokes.

The exhibition has been held to commemorate 500 years since Henry VIII's accession to the throne.

Visitors are able to take part in the celebrations of the monarch's marriage to his sixth wife, Kateryn Parr, as part of a thrilling reconstruction of the dramatic events at a venue that is steeped in history.

The first buildings at Hampton Court Palace belonged to the Knights Hospitallers of St John of Jerusalem, a religious order founded in the 11th century, which acquired the manor of Hampton in 1236.

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