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London attractions: Wellington Arch is a must-see

Published: Thursday 15th of November 2012

There are certain buildings and monuments that ordinary Londoners see every day in their city but still find fascinating and the Wellington Arch is certainly one.

Many will see the arch every day, thanks to its proximity to Hyde Park Corner, but only when it is seen at close range do you appreciate what a fascinating London attraction it is.

Both Wellington and Marble Arch were planned in 1825 by George IV to celebrate the victory of Britain in both in the Napoleonic Wars but it now serves a different purpose for many of those who visit London.

This is to offer a spectacular view of the city's skyline including the seemingly endless Hyde Park, Green Park, Buckingham Palace Gardens and all of the city's skyscrapers that line the Thames.

It also includes a fascinating exhibition which sheds light on its history as well as The Quadriga Gallery, which hosts various events too.

Georgina Black

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