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London attractions: Firepower at The Royal Artillery Museum of Woolwich

Published: Friday 16th of November 2012

To make your trip to London go with a bit more of a bang then why not take a trip to Firepower, part of The Royal Artillery Museum of Woolwich.

Firepower is just one section of the museum and it examines, in close detail, how the Gunners have grown from their earliest roots to the various artilleries employed today worldwide.

As well as highlighting how the movement as a whole has grown, those who attend the museum will also be able to see some of the weapons that have been crafted down the ages.

The Gunners have become entrenched in British military history but their influence has also managed to seep into the sporting culture of the country.

London-based club Arsenal take their Gunners nickname for the branch and the museum will be able to shed light on how this came to be the case in what is a truly gripping attraction.

Michael Edwards

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