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London Sightseeing: Take a trip to the Tower of London

Published: Friday 26th of October 2012

Undoubtedly one of London's primary attractions, the Tower of London attracts scores of tourists to the capital every year.

It's far from simply being an interesting looking landmark too, it's one of the most famous fortresses in the world and has an incredible history that is firmly entwined with the city's.

During its 900 years-plus existence, it has been used as all manner of things including a royal palace, a prison, an armoury and even a zoo, while it now contains some of the country's most priceless diamonds and jewellery.

If its walls could talk, with the stories it could tell, you'd never be able to get away.

It's advisable to read up a bit beforehand, or maybe buy a guide book when you're there, and then head down with your London Pass to see what all the fuss is about.

Chances are you won't be disappointed, after all, you don’t become one of London's biggest and best attractions for nothing.

Michael Edwards

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