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London Sightseeing: Take a trip to the Churchill War Rooms

Published: Tuesday 6th of November 2012

Military history is entrenched within the UK, with it being an island race, so a trip to London needs to include a visit to the Churchill War Rooms.

Sir Winston Churchill, arguably Britain's greatest and most patriotic leader, who negotiated the country through the second world war, is honoured at the rooms with all manner of information of historical interest available for visitors.

Fitting the life of such an incredible individual into one attraction was always going to be tough, which is partly why organisers chose to split it into five different sections.

These cover Sir Winston's early years as British Prime Minister, his later years, his childhood, his early political career as well as the infamous 'Gathering Storm' era.

Visitors will undoubtedly leave the attraction full of information about the great man himself, thanks to the fifteen metre long 'Lifeline' which charts his life while there is also access to a 'digital filing cabinet' too.

Georgina Black

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