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Tate Britain: 'Best art museum in London'

Published: Thursday 4th of December 2008

A leading art commentator has declared that one of the most widely-known art museums in London is, in fact, the very best as well.

On his blog the Guardian website, Jonathan Jones has sung the praises of this often revered but sometimes controversial establishment.

Mr Jones said: "After a difficult start, Tate Britain is now leading the pack in its presentation of the past, present and future of British art."

He admitted he felt that the gallery had lost it appeal a few year ago, as it looked "utterly bereft" after Tate Modern opened just a few miles away.

"But I think the best museum at this moment is actually Tate Britain - and I never thought I'd say that," he says.

The critic argues that the gallery "hit its stride" when it became more inclusive in its approach to much-loved British artists like William Blake.

The Tate Britain is based on London's Millbank and represents British art from 1500 to the modern day.

LondonPass holders visiting Tate Britain can take advantage of a free audio guide, giving some fascinating insights into the gallery.

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