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Gallery announces art 'appeal'

Published: Thursday 2nd of October 2008

A London gallery is appealing for public funding to help purchase a self-portrait cast filled with frozen blood.

The National Portrait Gallery needs £350,000 to buy the piece of work made by artist Marc Quinn.

It has already raised £50,000 itself, and the Art Fund is donating an extra £100,000 to kickstart the funding.

Sandy Nairne, the gallery's director, told the Evening Standard: "Marc Quinn's Self is a work of international significance - a brilliant and poignant extension to the genre of self-portraiture."

Quinn has made a blood-filled cast of his head every five years since 1991 in an attempt to document his ageing.

The first three pieces are currently being exhibited overseas, making this potentially the only version available to the British public.

His most famous piece is Alison Lapper Pregnant, a statue depicting a disabled model which was displayed in Trafalgar Square.

The National Portrait Gallery will exhibit Annie Leibovitz's A Photographer's Life between October and February.

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