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Visit the historical Benjamin Franklin House for things to do in London

Published: Wednesday 31st of October 2012

Benjamin Franklin was a truly interesting character, being an inventor, scientist, writer and founding father of the USA, and people looking for things to do in London could go see the only remaining Franklin home.

Situated at 36 Craven Street, visitors can see where the Enlightenment pioneer lived and worked for sixteen years of his life.

At A Historical Experience, guests can immerse themselves in the excitement and uncertainty of Franklin's time in London.

The rooms in which the legend lived are used as the setting of a drama. The experience integrates live performance with state-of-the-art lighting and projection technology.

People who want to indulge their inventing side can head to the Student Science Centre, where practical experimentation with Franklin's scientific discoveries takes place.

The house was built around 1730, and as well as having once been the home of Benjamin Franklin, is architecturally significant, with a Grade I listing.

Visitors will see a majority of original features, including a central staircase, 18th century panelling, stoves, windows, fittings, beams and bricks, which have not been replaced over the years.

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Posted by Samantha Reed

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