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Things to do in London: To be or not to be at Shakespeare's Globe

Published: Sunday 7th of April 2013

The Shakepeare's Globe Theatre, is undoubtedly one of the most iconic London attractions, which holds a number of different plays and tours exploring the work of this cultural icon.

Any lover of literature cannot fail to appreciate the depth of achievements that this legendary poet has contributed to the European arena.

This museum takes visitors on an audio tour which highlights the extraordinary life of Shakespeare and treats people to a behind-the-scenes view of his life.

Tours are done in a variety of different languages and also gives visitors the historical background to the Globe Theatre itself. This is the theatre where the poet and playwright wrote many of his world-famous pieces.

A number of events and educational activities are also held throughout the year at the Globe which include theatre productions. They also hold university courses which teach people on various aspects of performance, literature by Shakespearean literature and use of language.

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