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Things to do in London: See where the war was won at the Churchill War Rooms

Published: Tuesday 27th of November 2012

During the Second World War, the prime minister and his cabinet worked tirelessly to defeat Hitler and end the conflict, and people seeking things to do in London to give them an insight into this time should visit the Churchill War Rooms.

The Cabinet War Rooms were a one-time wartime bunker and political hub, where Winston Churchill sheltered and plotted during the world war, but were abandoned by the politicians on V day in 1945.

Visitors to the rooms now can see them exactly how they were left back then, with much of the exhibition having been left untouched since that fateful day.

They will begin their journey at the War Cabinet Room, where Churchill and his men plotted the war. The chair in which the world-famous prime minister presided over his cabinet is still in place, along with scratch marks on the arms, demonstrating the immense pressure he was under.

Tourists can learn about everything from top-secret conversations between the world leaders of the time in the Transatlantic Telephone Room to the domestic concerns of Churchill's kitchen.

Kevin Smith

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