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London attractions: Get lost in the a-maze-ing grounds of Hampton Court Palace

Published: Saturday 24th of November 2012

According to Hampton Court Palace's website, the maze in its grounds is "the most famous maze in the world," meaning that people looking for things to do in London will no doubt want to pay it a visit.

The labyrinth was initially commissioned around the year 1700 by William III, so as well as being famous, it is particularly old, the UK's most ancient surviving hedge maze in fact. 

Covering a third of an acre, the trapezoid maze is famous for befuddling visitors with its numerous twists, turns and dead ends.

There have also been some high-tech improvements added to the maze over the years, with an audio installation bringing it to life in 2005.

The project, entitled Trace, capitalises on the idea that the maze would once have been a place of flirtation and dangerous conversation. Visitors are enticed along green corridors and tempted by sounds like a fragment of music, a snatch of laughter and the rustling of luxurious silks.

Kevin Smith

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