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London attractions: Fakespeare?

Published: Friday 15th of March 2013

For hundreds of years, many have questioned whether Shakespeare actually wrote his plays or not. As ‘anti-stratfordians’ accumulate conspiracy theories that William Shakespeare was not the real author behind his famous plays, mythology is building around this fantastic man and his spectacular plays.

The main theory behind the movement is that Shakespeare decided to take the place of the real author who did not want to be publically credited to the works. The first theories came in the mid-19th century when Shakespeare was beginning to be considered a ‘literary genius’. Suspicion came when scholars started studying into William’s life and saw that his humble background was incompatible with his elaborate and emotionally rich stories. Having lacked a real education or familiarity with the royal court, many believed that it just was not feasible for Shakespeare to be able to write such plays.

There have been a series of individuals who have been suggested as the ‘real’ author. This includes the 17th Earl of Oxford, Francis Bacon, the 6th Earl of Derby, and Christopher Marlowe. In total, over 70 names have been suggested, even though the general academic belief in the 21st century has been that these are just conspiracies.

Make up your own mind this spring and take a Shakespeare's Globe Theatre Tour when thinking of things to do in London. The phrase ‘to be or not to be’ has never been truer.

Posted by Kevin Smith

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