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London attractions: Come see the amazing courtship of the cranes at London Wetland Centre

Published: Friday 12th of April 2013

If you are a lover of natural beauty and wildlife, then the London Wetland Centre is possibly one the best things to do in London.

The centre is home to hundreds of wildlife species and around 105 acres of lakes, ponds and marshes.

Visitors not only get treated to the serene and green surroundings of the attraction, but they are also able to witness some of the amazing mating displays and activities of our feathered friends which inhabit the space.

This month for example, the centre celebrated the first cranes which nested in the South-West for 400 years.

The courtship activities of these birds was there for all to see at the centre, and was a particularly special treat for visitors because they were almost driven to extinction in the 1600s due to hunting.

But thanks to the Great Crane Project in 2010, this month marked the first time they tried to build a nest in the centre.

So if you are about this month, this alone makes it well worth going down to the centre to see, not to mention all of the other wildlife species that reside there.

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