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Learn about newts, mudskipper and tree frogs at London Zoo for things to do in London

Published: Monday 7th of January 2013

People who have always wanted to learn more about the fascinating world of amphibians will not want to miss the It's a Frog's Life exhibit at London Zoo.

Running daily from 14.00 GMT, visitors can hop right into the zoo's new amphibian wing and learn about the evolution of the animal class.

The new exhibition focuses on the evolution of amphibians, their breathtaking diversity and adaptability, the threats they face in the wild and the work the zoo is doing to conserve them.

"From lungfish and mudskippers, to worm-like caecilians, fascinating newts and charismatic tree frogs, the new Amphibian Wing shows how varied amphibians can be," the zoo promises.

If you fancy visiting some bigger animals then it is well worth stopping by the Giraffe's High Tea from 15.00 GMT.

Here visitors will see the three female giraffes tuck into an afternoon snack. Usually the trio can be found in the Into Africa exhibit along with zebras, okapi, warthogs and African hunting dogs.

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Posted by Georgina Black

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