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Learn about Fate, Hope & Charity at the Foundling Museum for things to do in London

Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

At the Foundling Museum, people looking for things to do in London can learn the stories of the 27,000 infants who were left on the steps of London's Foundling hospital from its establishment in 1741.

Between 1741 and 1760, mothers left small, everyday objects along with their child in the hope that should they find themselves in better circumstances and be able to return for their son or daughter, they would be able to identify the right one.

A new exhibition at the museum, entitled Fate, Hope & Charity, displays many of these moving tokens, and tells many of their stories.

The tokens include coins, jewellery, buttons, poems, playing cards and a simple nut, and these tokens are presented in the context of the foundling with whom they belong to.

Visitors will learn untold stories of the grief of separation and the timeless bond between mother and child, with the heart-wrenching tales offering a unique insight into life in the 18th century.

Michael Edwards

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