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Hit the West End for a fabulous musical while in London

Published: Friday 28th of September 2012

A night out in London is simply not complete without a trip to the West End for a musical, and there are plenty of moving and inspiring musicals currently running in the area for visitors to enjoy.

One of these musicals is Victor Hugo's world-famous Les Miserables. Since it was made into a musical, Les Mis - a story of love, passion and war - has gripped audiences everywhere, while its amazing score has hit the charts numerous times.

The show features hits including I Dreamed a Dream - recently made famous by Britain's Got Talent star Susan Boyle - as well as One Day More, At the End of the Day, Who Am I?, Castle on a Cloud, Master of the House and many, many more.

The plot involves hero Jean Valhean who is released from prison to build a successful and prosperous life. One of his employees, Fantine, is fired from her job because of an illegitimate baby, which is looked after by a pair of innkeepers which she sends money to, although he is unaware of this. Fantine eventually becomes a prostitute, before being arrested by vengeful policeman Javert, but Valjean forces Javert to release her and takes her back to his house where he hears her story, but the woman dies shortly after, without ever seeing her child again.

The rest of the musical covers the story of Valjean's plight to save Fantine's child, which is set against a backdrop of French revolution and police corruption.

Les Miserables is one of the longest running musicals in existence, and has won many accolades in its time. Those who have never seen it should waste no time in buying tickets to watch the inspiring production on the West End.
Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers is one of those musicals that sees the vast majority of the audience in tears by the end.

Set in Liverpool in the 1960s, the story follows the plight of single mother Mrs Johnstone. After her family walks out on her, the cleaner realises she is pregnant with twins, and has no way to support the family. She makes an agreement with her employer Mrs Lyons, who cannot have children, that she will give one of the twins to her upon its birth. The transaction goes ahead as arranged, and Mrs Lyons promptly fires Mrs Johnstone, feeling she is paying too much attention to the baby she gave up. One twin is to grow up rich and the other one poor, until one day they meet and, unaware, decide to become 'blood brothers'. The audience is then taken on a heart-wrenching journey of what happens as they grow up as friends, and life, love and class get in the way.

The score features a number of fantastic pieces of music, including the moving Marilyn Monroe, Bright New Day, Tell Me It's Not True, and Bright New Day. The story is told by a creepy narrator, who adds edge and mystique to the production.


Alternatively, enter into the world of "jazz and liquor" of 1920s Chicago. With show-stopping song and dance numbers and an edge-of-your-seat storyline, Chicago has everything you could want from a night out in the West End.

The musical follows the story of Roxie Hart, an aspiring jazz dancer, who kills the man she is having an affair with. She enters the Cook County Jail where she runs into Velma Kelly - a famous performer and Roxie's idol. The story explores the corruption and glamour of 1920s Chicago, as both women fight it out on a public stage.

Musical numbers include All That Jazz, Nowadays/Hot Honey Rag, When You're Good to Mama and We Both Reached for the Gun.

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