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Get a glimpse of Diana, Princess of Wales, a modern princess at Kensington Palace

Published: Friday 28th of September 2012

Diana, Princess of Wales was one of the most beloved members of the royal family in history. People were fascinated by her and as a result she became a style icon and celebrity, despite the fact she famously held an animosity towards the paparazzi. Those who loved the "people's princess" and admired her style will be delighted by the exhibition currently showing at Kensington Palace, which is entitled Diana: Glimpses of a modern princess.

The palace's website points out: "Few people have had an impact on fashion in the same way as Princess Diana. As a public figure, the Princess's dress style was closely scrutinised by the press and the public.

"As a young princess, her clothes were romantic and demure but as her confidence grew, her style developed into that of an international celebrity: glamorous, elegant, and completely her own."

In the exhibition, the dresses will be displayed alongside fashion illustrations and photographs, reflecting some of the most important and memorable moments of Diana's life. Visitors will be able to see and remember a time when the princess wore some of her most iconic gowns, while also having the dress right in front of them.

Highlights of the exhibition include the famous black strapless dress designed by Emanual, which has never been on display before. There is also a sleek black Versace cocktail dress which she wore later in her life. A shocking pink evening dress by Catherine Walker which was a particular hit with the press is also on display, alongside a popular demure cocktail gown by Bellville Sassoon Lorcan Mullany. Through the photographs and fashion illustrations, visitors will be able to track a young girl's transformation into and princess and a style icon.

The set has been created by interior designer Fiona Inger, using bespoke wallpaper from artist Julie Verhoeven which is intended to bring to life some of Diana's key fashion moments.

There are plenty of other things going on at the palace too, with Eerie Evening Tours providing entertainment for those who enjoy a bit of a thrill. Visitors are invited to delve deep into 300 years of secrets, treading in the footsteps of the kings, queens and courtiers from years gone by. They will hear tales of "mysterious sights, unexplained happenings and strange stories" all the while being taken around the dark rooms and creepy corridors of Kensington Palace.

People who want to learn about another princess should opt for the Victoria Revealed exhibition, which uses extracts from the queen's own journals and correspondents to bring to life one of the most important monarchs this country has ever had. Personal objects and artwork are on display in the very rooms in which she once lived, allowing visitors to become more intimate with the queen than they ever have before.

Items of display include important paintings, sculpture, jewellery, clothing and other objects from the past. However, the exhibition also has a modern touch, with audiovisual displays and low-tech interactive exhibits bringing to life the queen - who had a truly fascinating life. Minute black silky shoes from when she was a baby are one of the exhibits, while there is also a collection of her toys, her wedding dress and the mourning clothing that she famously wore following the death of her love Prince Albert in 1861. There is also archive footage of the Diamond Jubilee festivities, like the ones the UK just celebrated with Queen Elizabeth II who has also achieved the impressive landmark.

Queen Victoria enjoyed a truly sublime love story with Prince Albert, and this exhibition examines their early family life, how they dealt with her role as queen, the Great Exhibition, and how she mourned his death. To pay tribute to this great love, items in the exhibition include music Albert composed for Victoria when they were engaged, sketches they created of each other when they were first married, and the jewellery he designed for her himself.

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