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Kew helps find 'lost forest' of Mount Mabu

Published: Saturday 17th of January 2009

Scientists from one of London's most famous visitor attractions have conducted an expedition to map out a remote area of Mozambique.

Sometimes referred to as a 'lost forest', Mount Mabu is a stunning medium altitude area of incredible botanical life which was known only to the local tribesmen until a few years ago.

Kew botanist and leader of the expedition Jonathan Timberlake said: "The phenomenal diversity is just mind-boggling: seeing how things are adapted to little niches, to me this is the incredible thing.

"Even today we cannot say we know all of the world’s key areas for biodiversity - there are still new ones to discover."

The exploratory team found a number of rare species, including some exceptional orchids.

LondonPass holders can enjoy some of the most beautiful plant life on display anywhere in the world at Kew Gardens in south-west London for free, saving £13 for adults, in addition to ten per cent off entry to the nearby Kew Palace.

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