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UK amphibians at risk, London Zoo expert claims

Published: Monday 4th of August 2008

The UK's entire amphibious population is under threat of extinction, an expert at ZSL London Zoo has claimed.

The apocalyptic warning came from Dr Andrew Cunningham, a senior scientist at the zoo, who claims that two lethal diseases could wipe out all frogs, toads and newts in the UK.

According to Dr Cunningham, the deadly chytrid fungus has been discovered at two wild areas in the last couple of years, reports Kent News.

Meanwhile, a separate disease called Ranavirus is already exacting a heavy death toll of frogs, with claims emerging from residents in Kent of lawns covered in dead frogs.

"I would urge people not to dump their unwanted pets in the countryside, or even domestic ponds for that matter," said Dr Cunningham, who added: "It can have a serious effect on the amphibians already living there and close by."

London Pass holders can receive free entry to ZSL London Zoo and enjoy the numerous species of amphibians therein.

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