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Monkeys study for A-levels at London attraction

Published: Saturday 22nd of August 2009

Zookeepers have tested the claim that monkeys could pass A-level exams at one London attraction.

London Zoo saw some of its residents faced with a revision book, although they seemed more interested in their surroundings.

"Monkeys enjoyed investigating the book but they were more interested in their food," said zookeeper Tony Cholerton.

He joked that the London Zoo residents would "get an A* for mischief" if they really did sit the exams, adding that they would unlikely have the attention span to complete the real thing.

In recent days, it was announced that two Asian lion cubs had been born at London Zoo for the first time in ten years and are already said to be developing their unique personalities.

The zoo claims there are fewer than 300 of the species left in the wild and they are classed as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

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Written by Jessica Martin

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