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London Zoo p-p-p-picks up some crucial funding

Published: Saturday 14th of February 2009

London Zoo is to receive up to £50,000 in funding from McVitie's Penguin in order to undertake an important research project.

The zoo is in urgent need of more information about the Antarctic penguin population, so that it may better care for its group of these much-loved animals.

Tom Hart will lead the expedition, which will gather important data about migration rates between colonies and the direction in which it take place, including DNA sample collection to examine the broader picture of penguin movements.

Climate change poses a substantial threat to the worldwide penguin population and this venture could help protect current and future generations of these varied and wonderful creatures.

The zoo is also running an ongoing drive for adoptions – for both animals and its keepers! – which it hopes will raise much-needed funding to help continue it's important conservation work.

Visitors to London Zoo can enjoy free admission with their LondonPass, saving £15.40 for adults and £11.90 for children.

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