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Lions at ZSL London Zoo get a taste of catnip

Published: Friday 1st of August 2008

News emerging from ZSL London Zoo suggests that catnip is not only useful for our domesticated feline friends.

It also comes in handy for keeping the zoo's family of lions awake for the much-anticipated Zoo Night.

Zoo keepers are using catnip to scent the lions' food and areas of their enclosure to keep them stimulated as thousands of people flock to enjoy a night at the zoo.

The Zoo Night takes place today (August 1st) between 18:30 and 22:00, when, for one night only, visitors will be able to enjoy a packed schedule of fascinating animal demonstrations, talks and shows.

According to the zoo's website: "Along with catnip, a trail of ginger, a spice known to stimulate their interest, and chunks of meat was laid around their enclosure."

London Pass holders can receive free access to ZSL London Zoo.

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