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From icy cold to boiling hot at ZSL London Zoo

Published: Friday 15th of August 2008

ZSL London Zoo has announced that it has transformed one of the chilliest areas of its animal enclave into a hot spot.

The Mappin Terrace previously housed polar bears but ZSL London Zoo has now been transformed into an Outback arena and is home to a selection of Australian wallabies and emus.

In total the new section at ZSL London Zoo is inhabited by more than 20 wallabies and four emus

"Polar Bears have become the symbol of climate change but by transforming this exhibit we can use the zoo's unique history to explain that when it comes to climate change the script is the same, regardless of the cast," ZSL zoological director, David Field, commented.

Australian climate change special envoy Howard Bamsey added that climate change is threatening the traditional and fragile ecosystems of Australia.

And it isn't only the wallabies and emus that are feeling the heat at the zoo. It was recently revealed that three Military Macaw parrots and a chick were cooling off in the summer weather by pecking on ice lollies made from walnuts, dates, pecans, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds and orange juice.

Visitors to ZSL London Zoo can gain entry to the venue using their London Pass.

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