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Anteaters at London Zoo

Published: Thursday 24th of July 2008

Visitors to England's capital city may wish to make a bee-line for London Zoo to see its menagerie after it was reported that a pair of sleepy anteaters are now taking daily strolls.

Boyfriend and girlfriend, Bonito and Sauna, are reportedly taking a break from their 18 hours per day of nap time in order to take a walk around London Zoo at 17:00 BST each day.

And while they are awake, visitors to London Zoo can watch them eat their favourite food - a mix that mimics their traditional ant and termite diet in the grasslands and swamps of their natural habitat in Central and South America.

Watch them use their long claws to tear open the "ant" nests and "termite" mounds to delve 60 cms deep with their tongues in an attempt to catch the tasty morsels.

London Zoo notes that the creatures can capture up to 30,000 ants a day on to their tongues using a sticky saliva.

It was recently revealed that a baby warthog - Harry - had been born at London Zoo.

Harry was named after the famous wizarding school Hogwarts in the JK Rowling Harry Potter books.

Visitors to London Zoo can gain entry to the venue using their London Pass.

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