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Travel around London with ease

Getting around on London transport is made easy when you opt for a London Pass with Travel package. Your Travel package will cover journeys across London’s public transport network including tubes, buses, trains and more. Add one to your London Pass order to create the complete sightseeing package!

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Save with a London Pass and Travel package

The 1, 2 and 3 day London Pass with Travel option comes with an Off-Peak Travelcard for the same duration of the pass, valid for consecutive days. This covers unlimited travel on Monday to Friday after 09:30am and all day at the weekends.

The 6 day London Pass with Travel comes with an unlimited 7 day Peak Travelcard which can be used at any time of the day, every day of the week. So you’re getting an extra day for free and you’re ticket is valid at any hour the network runs. Great if you’re an early riser and want to beat the crowds.

Our new 10 day London Pass with Oyster Travel includes a Visitor Oyster Card with pre-paid credit (£50), which will allow you to travel during any time of the day, any day of the week, and will be valid up to the expiration of your pre-paid credit value. 

The London Pass with Travel options are a must for anyone who wants that extra bit of ease when they’re on holiday. Get best value for money and opt for the complete package, making your sightseeing experience hassle free.

What is a London Travelcard?

A Travelcard gives you access to the world famous London Tube, bus services and over-ground trains around London. It’s your travel ticket to navigate around the city easily and efficiently.

Benefits of getting a Travelcard:

  • Access to London Underground trains (Tube), Buses, Trams, Docklands Light Rail, Over-ground Trains and National Rail Services within zones 1 – 6
  • No hassle of carrying around daily tickets or standing in queues to buy fares – the Travelcard includes everything you will need
  • Make huge savings as a daily zone 1 - 6 underground ticket bought in London costs £8.90 so even after 2 or 3 journeys you will be saving money
  • If you opt for the 10 day London Pass with Oyster Travel, instead of a paper Travelcard you will receive an electronic Oyster Card pre-paid with £50 credit which will give you access to the same London Transport networks as a Travelcard.* 

*Find out more about the Oyster Card, here.

Travel around London the easy way with a handy tube map - download for free and start exploring:


What are ‘zones’?

London is divided into ‘zones’ when it comes to transport. Each zone has a separate value and the zones extend out in a rough circle from Central London, which starts at Zone 1. The Travelcard allows you to travel all the way between Zones 1 and 6 for free – covering every attraction on The London Pass.

Want to go to Windsor? We have a solution for London Pass with Travel customers – Learn More Here.

If you have a 10 Day London Pass with Oyster then unfortunately your travel to Windsor is not covered and a separate train ticket will need to be purchased at Paddington.

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Best deal in London - I have used the London Pass my last two trips and it has been wonderful. Especially if you add the Tube option, a great way to see sights you may not have if purchased separately. Would recommend it to anyone.
Sherry Waddell from USA

"The London Pass along with the travel pass gave me the freedom to see everything I wanted to see when I was in London. The travel was exceptionally easy and the fact that everything was prepaid allowed me to be worry free about having enough money set back for admissions and travel. I would recommend the use of the London Pass to anyone travelling to London. I will certainly use it on my next trip!"
Debra from Texas, USA