Unlimited travel in central London

Get The London Pass + Oyster Travelcard for the cheapest way to travel around the city. The Oyster Travelcard covers journeys on London’s public transport network including underground, buses, overground trains and the DLR - any time of day, any day of the week!

London Underground sign and Oyster visitor card

The Oyster Travelcard covers all your transport needs whilst sightseeing in London

An Oyster Travelcard gives you unlimited access within central London to the world famous Underground network as well as bus services, overground trains and the DLR. It’s your electronic transport ticket to navigate around the city easily and efficiently - it's the cheapest way to get around London.

What is an Oyster Travelcard and what do I get?

  • Unlimited Travel across central London - you can travel at any time of the day, any day of the week
  • Cheapest and most flexible way to travel around London
  • Access to all London Transport Networks including London Underground trains (Tube), Buses, Docklands Light Rail and Overground Trains 
  • No hassle of standing in queues to buy daily tickets, the Oyster Travelcard is your all-inclusive electronic ticket
  • Make savings as journeys are capped at a maximum daily charge meaning sightseeing becomes even more cost-effective

How much value do I get from an Oyster Travelcard?

Each Oyster Travelcard comes pre-loaded with a credit/value to match your London Pass duration. Here is a breakdown:

London Pass with Oyster Travelcard
 Travelcard Credit
1 Day Adult London Pass + Travel
2 Day Adult London Pass + Travel
3 Day Adult London Pass + Travel £25
6 Day Adult London Pass + Travel £40
10 Day Adult London Pass + Travel £50

How much does a single journey cost?

A single journey on the London Underground in central London (between zones 1 - 2) is £2.90, but if you're making multiple journeys, you won't be charged for any journeys after you've spent £6.40. If you're travelling by bus, any journey with an Oyster Travelcard costs just £1.50. Learn more about how you can save on a daily basis with your Oyster Travelcard.

As over 66% of the attractions included on The London Pass are in Central London (zones 1 – 2) you will most likely average £6.40 travel spend per day which is well within the credit value supplied with the Oyster Card. Should you run out of Oyster Card credit while you’re in London, however, simply go to any one of the underground stations to top up for the remaining duration of your time in London.

Travel around London the easy way with a handy tube map - download for free and start exploring: