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The Thames is the very heart of London and from the river you will see the city in an entirely different way. Some of London’s best landmarks can be found on the banks of the river such as Big Ben, Houses of Parliament and London Tower Bridge.

With The London Pass you are able to cruise up and down the River Thames on the City Cruise's boats all day for free.

Sports fans can enjoy a tour of Twickenham Rugby Stadium in South London - home of the England Rugby team. There is also a tour of the world famous Wimbledon Lawn Tennis courts and even the impressive Wembley Stadium - home to English football.

Travelling by bicycle is a unique and different way to do a tour of London, if that sounds up your street then check out the London Bicycle Tour Company.

Alternatively, if you fancy a stroll then join a Rock n Roll walking tour and discover some the cities key musical hotspots. The London Pass offers holders plenty to choose from.

London Tours & Cruises FREE with a London Pass

  • STAR ATTRACTIONThames River Boat Cruise

    A Thames river cruise is without doubt one of the best ways to see London, weaving through the heart of the city and past so many of its most famous attractions. Normally £18.00

  • Wembley Stadium Tour

    Wembley Stadium is London's largest and most prestigious sporting stadium. Normally £16.00

  • Best LDN Walks: Royal London

    Explore Royal London with a bespoke tour by Best LDN Walks to discover the nitty gritty of the royals and their history for free with a London Pass. Normally £10.00

  • STAR ATTRACTIONJason’s Original Canal Boat Trip

    One of the best ways to get a different and unique perspective of London is to take a boat tour of it’s canal. Normally £9.00

  • Beefeater Gin Distillery Tour

    One of London's best kept secrets, Beefeater London: The Home of Gin visitors centre is an interactive experience that lifts the lid on the extraordinary stories and events behind one of the world's favourite spirits. Normally £12.00

  • Wimbledon Tour Experience

    See behind the scenes at the home of tennis in the UK with the award-winning Wimbledon Tour Experience. Normally £22.00

  • Arsenal Stadium Tour

    The Arsenal Stadium Tour takes visitors into some of the most intimate areas of the club and gives them a taste of what it is like on Match Day. Normally £18.00

  • London Bicycle Tour

    Enjoy the city from a different perspective with an exhilarating London bike tour from the London Bicycle Tour Company. Normally £23.95

  • STAR ATTRACTIONChelsea FC Stadium Tour

    Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge stadium is a great example of the grandeur and importance of the national game. Normally £20.00

  • Lord's Cricket Ground Tours

    Lord’s is an important place in the world of cricket hosting International Test matches as well as major domestic competitions. Normally £18.00

  • National Theatre Backstage Tours

    With London Pass you can indulge your theatrical tastes and see what goes on behind the scenes with Royal National Theatre Backstage Tours. Normally £8.50

  • Rock n Roll Walk

    Enjoy a fascinating walking tour of London. Normally £9.00

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