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Save £££s when you use The London Pass®

Saving money and budgeting is one of the most important factors on any trip. This is where the London Pass comes in. There is no other pass in London offering you free entry to over 60 top attractions - as well as Fast Track Entry and the option of a travelcard, too.

When will I start saving?

It's easy - you'll start saving from the start and the longer the pass duration the more you'll save. That's why our 6 and 10 day passes are so popular!

            When can I start saving with my London Pass?
1 Day Start saving at the 3rd attraction you visit – visiting the Tower of London, London Zoo and doing a Hop on Hop off Bus Tour would cost you over £67 and the 1 day Pass is just £55!
2 Day Visit just 6 top London attractions and you can save over £75 on entrance fees - visit more and save even more!
3 Day Visiting just 3 attractions per day will save you over £120
6 Day You can enjoy each day's sightseeing for just £20.00 – that works out cheaper than entry alone to: Hampton Court Palace, Kew Gardens & London Bridge Experience. Visiting 3 attractions per day can save you over £240.
10 Day Our best value for money pass at just £15 a day - you can save an impressive £350 on attraction entry costs with the London Pass by visiting just 3 places a day! It's easy to get your money's worth with this pass.

Which pass is the best value for money?

The longer the pass, the more you save. The 6 day pass works out at just £21.00 a day, and the 10 day is even cheaper at just over £15 a day - which is a bargain considering you have over 60 top attractions to choose from. Plus, you're saving over £350 in attraction costs with the 10 day pass, as all your entry is already paid for. All of our passes offer great savings - so even if you're here for 1, 2 or 3 days you'll be making a saving from the start.

You can save even more money if you add on an Oyster Travelcard to your order as well. We also remove the cost of a guidebook and map as we offer them for free and include them in the pass package.

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